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Disillusioned? Or is it just that time of month?



After my shift I got reprimanded by my supervisor. I tried my best to explain that I experienced some sort of a system glitch. Apparently it wasn't enough. I mean, how can I explain something when I don't even understand what the hell happened? How can someone be logical when she's already in a panic? And now my coach is saying that "that" couldn't have happened, insinuating that I lied or tried to excuse myself. Eventually, our argument ended with her saying that the next time it happens, I should get a screen shot of what I saw.

I probably would have gotten over it, if she hadn't mentioned about my poor retention/memory and suggested that I was being complacent about my job and was just trying to excuse myself. WHAT THE HELL?:mad:

I even nominated her for Team Leader of the Year just a few days ago. I'll be SO glad if she doesn't get the title.


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After my talk with my coach, she left and I spent some time crying in my pod. The week's work has ended, but I feel like I paid a big price for it. Can I live with this? I feel so let down by my coach and my teammates. I also hated the fact that I let myself become emotional about it.

I don't know, maybe I'm just tired. Or maybe I'm just nearing my menstrual period. :(

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oh Anne,

you know everyone gets emotional at times, its ok. im just sorry your suppervisor upset you so much.

hun, your working so hard all hours god sends, you are also a brill moma , you arent getting any anne time. things are gonna get on top of you. your exhausted.

If you havnt work tomorrow, why not have a little party with yur little girl, for no other reason but to have fun. Have a picnic indoors if its raining, and play silly party games. Its good fun, and well im sure your both enjoy it :(

take care anne :)

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Well, we already went to buy some groceries and stopped to look at the pets and the stuff for sale at the plaza. We call them "tiangge" and it's a mixture of used and unused things, like a flea market. Just seeing my girl enjoy herself is enough for me. Thanks for the words, Sue. I hope you're feeling better today. :)

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