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The American Consultant



Our team of 8 call agents were introduced to a consultant from the TV satellite company that we're working for.

She was sent here to assure that we're handling the price change calls correctly. My coach even warned me privately that she (the consultant) might be Y-jacking with me to see how I can be helped.

At first I was scared. When she met us she was warm and friendly and emphasized that she's there to help us, not criticize us. Right there and then I thought, her listening to how I take my calls might do me some good. At the end of the shift, I asked my coach if I can request that she "buddy up" with me. When they heard this, one colleague of mine warned me that to accept their assistance would be like degrading myself, that to call her attention would mean that I am flunking or something.

But why should I be afraid if I can learn something from her? She is, after all, one of the consultants. And am I not on development plan? Why should I be ashamed of it? To receive their attention would mean a great opportunity for me to learn, right?


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The important thing is, Anne, what's there to lose?

If you're working for a place where you have to afraid to ask for help to do the job better, then it's probably time to work somewhere else. On the other hand, if they're not like that, this would show extra desire to do a good job.

I agree with you, that it could help.

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