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I am still not over the big addiction. Nicotine that is. I feel pretty sad and disappointed that I try and try to quit and I can't. Set a new day to quit, not feeling ready but will I ever?

It's a struggle and believe me when I say I do understand anyone with an addiction. I am addicted to many things in life: sugar, eating, the internet... but nothing like this. I want it to be over so badly yet there is something stopping me. Is it will? Is it something hidden in my subconscious that blocks my will? Not quite sure.

I am asking all my 3D friends and my 2D ones to support me in my quest to quit.

I know I am not here often. Only to post some of my research sometimes. Sometimes I try and offer my help to others. When I can, and with what I have experience with. I can only offer a little. As, sometimes it is overwhelming to me to be here. I try to live in the 3d world more these days. I am sorry that I am not here much.

Anyways. Hope you are well.



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hi tour,

sorry to hear you're struggling so much with the nicotine. :(

Of course we will support you.

I think in order to quit you need to believe that you no longer need cigarettes. As long as you're telling yourself you need them, you will smoke them. That's what I think anyway.

I hope you're okay :)

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awh thanks love

You are sweet and this is a very good advice that I will cherish and keep close to my heart and on top of my mind! And, well, I think I might as well post it on my fridge as well! with the signature 'from STAR"

thank you!

Hoep you are well hon

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