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"Is that so" - grass is as green everywhere



I love the story of the zen monk who gets something and who people tell him he is a great great man, and who simply responds to himself mostly : "is that so?".

And then things and praises are taken away and people treats him with disrespect and he answers again: "is that so?"

Many time in my life I am reminded that reality is always changing, whether we like or dislike the temporary outcome. It is a great mistery that I always try to uncover... what is this? who am I? why is this happening? It seems these people are 'doing better?

"is that so?" indeed. We are most of the time trapped by our own reality, the one we interpret with our senses and our mind. As I age, I have aquire a bit [a small bit] of insight... you know, the good ol trial and error one, the 'hindsight is 20/20' kind of one. I can't go back in time. I can feel regret, but I try to appreciate the insight all my mishaps have given me.

I write this to remind me of this. the grass... 'Is that so?' Is that so?

It's just that I don't know everything, but I am willing to learn.

Hope you are well



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