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Someone knows me for me



About a week ago a close friend of mine asked me why I was sad, I told him that it was just old fears. He insisted I tell him and that he would be my support. I shook as I typed the reply. He was the first person that I wanted to know about the sexual abuse.

I trust him not to tell. Now one person, face to face knows me for me. It definitely helps to have someone to talk to when I'm scared or upset.

I feel as tho I can heal completely now, at least in a different way then before.

On a different matter entirely I have been doing research on the universities here and have hopefully found a place that does the course I'm planning on taking.

Been writing a ton of tests lately too but I know the work so I'm guessing it will be the usual for me. Luckily I don't stress for things like that or exams or competitions...

Here's hoping for a successful week for all of you



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