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Hi Sue, You know I'm here to help you smile. That was my nick name years ago when I worked, it was SMILEY!!!

Go figure.... I am glad you are smiling.... :D and when you don't feel like smiling, then just look back at these replies!!!

Hope your doing well.... PM if you want... :)

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Hey Sue Im ok I was a little more depressed today but functioning and I think I kicked myself into a little manic mode. I'm trying to get my MRI together and compare it to my old one. And find a neurologist. So I have been busy with that... They found hyperintensities and possible demyelinization so I need to get it looked at. Maybe there is something organic going on in my head or maybe its just "junk" :D

How about you did you go to the Dr today? and get off the coach?? Do you go to any after hospital care programs or support groups?

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erm kinda not sure really, I might have gotten off the couch for a while, but well Im right back on it now :D

and I am soooo tired. think I may well be firmly attached to my sofa for all eternity :)

Hope you feel better soon hun :D

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Hi Sue that is how i feel today it si friday, damp, cloudy and begining of some flooding rain we are suppose to get.... I have I guess a sinus headache and just taking it easy. I have dinner plans with some girlfriends and I am looking forward to it. I have been running around all week and I'm exhausted!!! whew see I'm still running!!! with my fingers though!!!

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