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Whiners R US



Well, my length of time per call is still not stable. Our ideal time is just a little over 6 mins, and I am still getting half-hour and hour calls. Joe is now predicting that with the way my performance is going, I'm only going to be regular for 6 months and then they're gonna drop me. Good, I thought. Then it's gonna be his turn to be employed. I hate having to wake up at a schedule...

In the meantime, I whine, whine, whine...because I feel tired all the time. Me and my daughter are now staying over my parents' for a week or two. The company is asking me to take care of my two impacted wisdom teeth before I become regularized, so we're shopping around for an orthodontist in their area. That's another reason why I'm still working there,otherwise we wouldn't be able to afford the expenses for minor surgery.

Idk, my head says I should be thankful, but the rest of me is just shouting, "LET ME OUTA HERE!", or "LEAVE ME ALONE!", and sometimes, "LET ME SLEEP!" :mad:

I don't have to go on like this. I'm an easy person, I belong to an easy crowd, that's the way I'm built. I don't want this....


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