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Back To Negative



Well, my handle time went back to above 150%.I knew it wasn't going to last.

Also, the quality of my calls suffered, at least according to my superiors. I don't care. I hate this job. I hate it that we had to go thru 3 different shifts in just over a month. First it was because of daylight saving time,second it was because of downsizing,third it was because we started to come in an hour early to extend our shift.

No wonder my friend developed breast cancer...

Right now, it doesn't seem to help manage my stress even with the fact that my daughter and I are staying over my parents so that I'm nearer my place of work.

I still feel a lot of reservation towards my teammates. There are times that I try to ease up and open up a little to them, but it's just so much hard work.

Right now I'm feeling really tired and angry and sad because I still I have my head barely out of the water, and just when I'm starting to feel relief, here starts another week....

I am angry that my husband still hasn't found a job. It makes me feel like I'm carrying the whole load by myself. And naturally I cried and fought with him over the phone just an hour ago. And naturally it didn't make me feel better, because now he's feeling as bad as I am right now. And naturally I feel guilty for blaming him and hurting his feelings and then at the same time I resent him because I was looking for support and instead I found out that he couldn't give it to me, because he's probably feeling as helpless as I am.

I feel so alone....


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I'm so sorry OCDmom!!!! :P:(

Is there any kind of breathing work you can do to get to a place of calm? It won't change the job, but it could give you some relief and get you to a better perspective...

You could use some demented bunny fun!!!!

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