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yeah I am scheduled in his office in a few weeks... Everything is a damn wait!!! I had to wait almost 2 months to see him as a new patient. I was there almost 2 hours and he was very thorough. And HE didn't have an attitude so then I didn't... LOL

He is looking to see if I had any seizures but the pdoc and I think it was the meds and some dissociative episodes actually severe ones where I shake like a seizure but I get paralysed and almost stop breathing(non responsive as they call it)

but I can hear everthing. My first one was about 2 hours arriving at the psychiatric hospital and they had to 911 me out to the medical hospital. The paramedic beat on my chest cause he thought I was faking well he ended up getting fired !!! Yes !! there is justice!!!

Men in power again...Gotta hate em!!! :)

So I think it's a waste but who knows other then that the white spots in my head I guess are not causing my psychiatric symptoms so it's ok, now I know....

and thats that......

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Well, there are seizures like what you describe, though it might not be that. Most seizures don't involve falling down, in fact.

Heh, makes me happy I have no power, then. :-)

Mmm, it might be wasted, but what if they find something that helps?

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I don't know... just tired of all of this and I am feeling a little better today. So when I really feel like shit... I hate it and am more tired of it. I get really really tired of it which leads me to the not good place in my head....

But for today it's ok, another day gone by.... wheww...

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