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I was wondering; if you get to know somebody and think that there might be more than friendship

would you talk about your penis-issues, and if yes, when is the right time to do so?

As I am asexual I have similar problems regarding talking about sex issues. I mean if we don't talk about it

it's expected that everything is "normal". So I guess mention it early is a good thing.

Regarding Online-Dating I really like the site "okcupid". You can see how sex-driven somebody is if they

answered the corrosponding questions :).

P.S I am new here, so I hope that this topic haven't already existed...

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Hi Sara. Don't worry about the topic, write whatever you want. Honestly what I would say would totally depend on the relationship and what kind of vibe I was getting. I would actually like to have a female friend w/o any sex in the relationship. Open communication is good but there were times in my past where I shared too much too soon and I think it made the relationship less fun and too heavy.

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Making a joke in a relaxed atmosphere seems to a good thing.

Then you can see in what way she reacts and go further or don't.

Could you give examples of such jokes? I am quite a fan of good humour :).

-you can't deepthroat? thats ok because with me you wont need to

-i have a small dick, but i eat pussy like its my last meal (this is more for a hook-up, not girlfriend)

-i hope you're not a size queen, as my size is more... compact

-we can have sex 20 times a day and you won't get sore... thats a good thing right?

-i'm below average, but i make up for it with my extreme enthusiasm

i've had lots more i'm sure, just cant think off the top of my head

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