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not sure which.. bipolar/depress/anxiety


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So before i start posting in one of those dedicated forums, who wants to help me figure out if i fit into any of these categories?

Mood: i find myself getting severe mood swings, but not ones that last days or weeks like in someone with bipolar. i can go from super angry, to super happy and excited, to super depressed-lethargic multiple times in a day

anxiety: there are times when i cant even make a phone call. and all the time, if i get a call from a number i dont recognize, i NEVER answer it.

in any situation where i dont know anyone, i ALWAYS dread it and freak out until the very last second, but then very quickly can become comfortable or the centre of attention.

starting a conversation with a random girl is a physical impossibility unless im drunk

my mind is always going a hundred miles an hour. also when someone says "we need to talk" or "i need to tell you something", i always jump to the worst and my heart will actually beat twice as fast as normal until i know it is what they want

depression: its more lethargy than depression, but any time off i have from work or commitments i should be running errands or doing important things. but i'll just sleep the day away or watch tv and avoid all serious matters "oh i'll try tomorrow"

suicide is a fairly common thought it my head, but i think thats normal for everyone. i can tell you with certainty it is never something i would do, but thinking of it is relaxing sometimes?

OCD: in my personal life, i am a messy person. however, i make LISTS. i have dozens of lists for everything, from my bills, to my hobbies and interests (as if i'd forget my own), to the girls ive slept with/want to sleep with/want to marry, to chores, to songs i want to learn, etc etc.

also at work, is where im organized. people are not allowed to touch what i am responsible for, and everything has to be perfectly perfect, up to stock, i have rules for when things get done, how its organized, everything perfectly stacked or at 90 degree angles and stuff like that

does all this sound like a normal young adult or am i a bit out there?

EDIT: would also like to add i used to self-injure, but i havent for over 4 years or so. also sometimes i can look in the mirror and think im hot shit, and other days list 20 things wrong with me (but once again i think that is normal too). also at times impulsive when it comes to money spending, which sucks because i'm all on credit so im very broke haha. but atleast i have 2 cars and an upcoming trip to mexico ;)

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well my friend, sorry no one replied to your post, so i guess i'll do it.

it appears that you have bipolar disorder, social anxiety, and body image issues. you also have quite a few defense mechanisms which your psyche uses to avoid the issues (a sort of denial).

on a side note, have fun in mexico.

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I'm sorry that we missed your post.

I don't know if that's what you're doing but in my experience it causes a lot of anxiety to avoid or try to control certain conversations or subjects.

I guess we fear that discussing things might lead to bad situations so the tendency is to avoid it.

I used to need drinks to talk to certain people (well actually any people in my case) too.

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