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I really want to know how to just take a moment and relax a bit instead of worrying all the time about everything, how do you just sit down and have just a moment of peace and calm in your day really. Just need a little time to myself to just sit back and relax and I don't know how to do it.



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What types of things do you enjoy? I am most definitely not an expert so others will probably have better ideas. I find that the best way for me to relax is to take a walk or a drive alone to a place that I love and listen to my favorite music. when I took a class on stress management in college (it sounds silly but it was an easy A) we had to try different types of meditation, yoga, exercise, and things like progressive relaxation which involves contracting and relaxing muscle groups throughout the body in order to identify when we are experiencing muscular tension and learning to relax them. I never could get a handle on the meditation thing but I found progressive relaxation helpful. I can definitely relate to your post and I hope you find something that works for you.


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This is an interesting question and one I have struggled with for years. In fact, even as a child, my mind was always active. I can't just sit in a room- I have to count things, make patterns by connecting things in the room, rearrange letters I see in words, etc. I can't sit still in strange places- I have to find the "right" spot to be in and have to find doors, windows, and bathrooms. I try to find spots where I can see everything but not be seen. I mean, I seriously think through everything, every little detail of everything I do. I can only shop with certain grocery carts. Even at home, I can't just sit and watch TV or read because I constantly find myself going back several pages because I realize my mind has wandered to something else. I play and replay scenarios in my head trying to figure out the outcome of everything. Unfortunately, all of this is part and parcel with anxiety. I have not figured out how to just sit and "be," so I am anxious to read what other say.

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Hi Ob1one,

I am with Proverbs on this one, describes me well in many ways. I even had "to learn to 'just be' " as one of my therapy goals. I did not get close to achieving this goal at all. I would love to be able to sit and meditate, relax as you say. To sit or to even slightly relax triggers anxiety attacks, so much of my time sitting is in a tense distraction phase.

Have you tried any methods of relaxing Ob1one?

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