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Marijuania made me lose my job

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After 10 months without a job, I finally had the chance to work again. I was with a some sort of agency for people with mental problems. My advisor found me a job for me, and after all the arrangments I was able to work at the place. I worked one week without problems, but at the end of the week, my uncle came to my appartment. My uncle take drugs (marijuana and speed), and I offer him to pay 20 bucks so that I could have marijuana. I wanted to take that for three days (friday to sunday) in the hope that this drug gave me sensations (libido). So I took it for three days, and had no sensations (perhaps 30 sec of a increase in libido, but its nothing really), but the major problem is that it was making me paranoid. I was under the impression that the others was able to read my mind because my mind was to weak. So I did not go to work next monday because of the fear of peoples, and I lost my job. Thats a shame, especially after all the the steps my advisor has done for me. After that, I took again marijuana one day to two days a week, each time that my uncle came to my appartment. I should never begin this drug, it did not help with my libido, and lost my job.

I have others addictions that I am not proud of, as Tobaco and alcohol. So I think that I am going to stop all that, because they are destroying my life and make my life anywhere.


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I have not gone to work for three days because of the fear that marijuana gave me, so I lost my job. I was able to work for 9 days prior to that. I don't know how long its going to take me to find another job, all my hope was with that agency, and now I think I am on their black list (because I have wasting their time for not continuing at the job they found me). I guess I am going to need to find a job on my own.

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I've lost a few jobs because of weed. Smoked my way through about 6-7 jobs and just didn't turn up sometimes because I was too tired or too lazy. The paranoia didn't really affect me, but it did zap my life force. I'd steer clear of it personally because of how much time I wasted smoking it, but I'm not your mum, it's a choice we have to make. Some people can smoke it recreationally, which is great, but I personally couldn't sleep without it which was a nightmare if I couldn't get it for whatever reason. Hopefully you find another job soon, and just try to leave a full day between smoking and work.

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I smoked weed heavily in HS & my first 3 years of college. I had a sometimes part time job as a night watchman and used to get stoned off my ass lol.  

The good thing about weed is you do make a ton of friends. The bad thing is it that it left me w the IQ of a cow 🐮 so once I turned 21 I switched to booze for a long long time and that ain't worth a shit either.  

I still loosely know 2 guys that still smoke dope every day and have done so for about 35 years now. But that is the exception; mostly everyone quits after a time. 

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