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Penis extenders


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Honestly. I don't know. I've heard some say they work and some who say the gains are temporary, and others who want to throw the extender in the bin. 

Personally I don't really care much for extenders. I am devistated that i will have to live my entire life with a smaller than average cock, but I imagine if extenders worked, I mean genuinely worked, then questions like "do extenders really work?" would be answered with an emphatic "FUCK YEAH THEY WORK!". Difficult as it may seem I'd much rather try and accept myself as I am. If only I wasn't so fucked up in many other areas perhaps this journey wouldn't feel like hell on earth.

Welcome and I hope you find solace here.

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I know of one type of penis "extender", aka "cock sheath", which fits outside an erect penis that increases the length or the the girth, or both of your member. What you gain in size you lose in sensation, and most models I've seen are effectively strapons that go over your dick and require you to remain hard with minimal sensation. Although I'd imagine that they provide significantly more sensation than a strapon. I think they'd work for a lot of people, because women can enjoy sex with different sized partners, and a singular partner with different sized members, so long as we can check our egos and selflessly care for our partner's pleasure. In this sense I'd say that they work to help loving partners to experiment with what is pleasurable for both people.

With regards to some other type of "extender" that increases the actual size of your penis, these are fake and do not work and will only waste your money.

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