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I have a friend some time ago tolds me a phrase or quotation : do what you must. The custom will make the pleasure.

Usually we are "weak" persons. No energy to take action. No energy to come out.

And energy goes with my rest, my food, my sport, my ocium.

The first thing are these inputs. Specially what we drink and eat.

It almost useless talk to the psichologist when we are in "other world" exhausted and speaking without final.

I observ that is very usual to have a great "oratory" and easy words. We can describe in detail our mood. And understand. But we are not able all the time to come out of the state.

Convert the routines in a pleasure is my target now. Pleasure is a good way. I feel better eating well and caring for myself.

But What have I done ?

Simple !. Organize my vitamins, my juices, my meals. An easy way to discipline and obtain pleasure. And don't get tired. I prepare all my pills once a week.

It's easy to follow.

It's easy to get

And make me happy.

Food is a good tool, as the sport or the ocium.



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