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Hi, I need help please because im late to everything, to all my university lectures I'm late, to all my work shifts im late, when handing in essays I hand them in last minute, it's the same with revision for exams and everything, I want to change and stop being like this but I have no idea where to even start, it's my last year of university and I want to achieve a good grade and find a good job but with this attitude I won't get anywhere in life, anyone been in similar situations and were able to get out of this stupid habit 

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I suggest you start reviewing your lifestyle for habits that may be hindering you.

Are you sleeping regularly on a schedule?

Are you eating in or are you eating out?

Are you eating a balanced diet?

If you find your lifestyle lacking in the health department then I'd suggest you start there.  As a warning though, changes to this part of your life may lead to a period of "detox".  When you regularly eat junk and you suddenly switch to eating clean, you can experience a range of symptoms that include headaches, nausea, depression, indigestion, insomnia, lethargy...you name it.  Each person is different so you won't know what you end up going through and for how long.  

About your last year of university, congratulations for reaching this stage.  I will remind you though that this process is a milestone, but not a finish line.  I have colleagues who have continued with their education long after they finished their first degrees.  They are very successful by any measure, but their journey through university continued....  Yours may as well.  

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