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Hi. So I'm new here. I am a very moody person, but lately, my mood swings have been bothering me. My 'Ups and Downs' have been really crazy. There are days when everything feels fine and I'm on cloud 9 but after that, for no reason at all, I'd suddenly feel down. I think I need to seek professional help, but I am afraid to tell my parents! :(

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Hello and welcome, Katherine. This sounds distressful for you. :( It also sounds as if you realize that this is interfering negatively in your life and it's time to reach out for help. I hear you that it's difficult to ask your parents and that you feel afraid. Do you feel uneasy about how they might react?  Something else? Have they been supportive in the past?  I hope the conversation goes well if you do decide to speak with them and that they are able to help you find a therapist or counselor.

Take care of yourself, Katherine.

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