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I guess I should post here...


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Hello Truce and welcome. I'm so sorry that you're struggling. :( I hear you that it's difficult at times to put feelings into words. We're here to listen and support you if you do decide to share more about what you've been experiencing. I hope too that you have support there with you in person.

Take care.

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Thanks so much. There's just so much in my head and it's difficult to think of words and string them together to form coherent sentences. I don't really have much support in person, my parents aren't always understanding and we can't really afford to keep going with counselling or anything anymore.

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That can happen to me verbally sometimes and it can be frustrating. Is it easier for you to write out your thoughts and feelings? I had a friend who struggled with written expression, but I nearly always understood him easily. Maybe it helps to start with a little at a time?

I'm sorry you don't have the support you need at home right now. :-(

I hope the weekend brings you moments of serenity.

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