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I am looking to find comments, advice, etc. to help me cope with two major events recently that are preventing me from moving forward. I have lost a job like so many people, and now, a relationship that has been going on for the past year that seems to be a casualty of the job. The job loss was difficult enough in this economy and i was trying to deal with it as best i could being someone who is working on the second half of their 5th decade of life. I want to believe this could be an opportunity to pursue a passion of some variety, and being a creative person, want that to happen very much. Although down somewhat about my unemployment but definitely not in serious depression over it, my partner chose to return to her hometown 600 miles away and end the relationship. The kicker is we got along great this entire year living together without so much as an argument and i loved her very much and i was always sincere about our relationship. I live in a town where i have no family, so that support is not there for me and i get very limited support from them anyway. I think other people consider me as one that brings kindness to others and I do try to practice that as i move thru the world. It just gets to be tough sometimes when one feels like no one believes in them.


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