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My Penis & I (Documentary)


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I have tremendous respect for this guy and for the overall message of the documentary, but no documentary like this will ever pose the hard questions to women or confront the harsher obstacles to respecting your penis (obstacles this guy just magically surmounts with no explanation). Get two guys in a room, one with a small dick and one with a big dick, and have the smaller guy explain why it hurts him to know that his girlfriend would feel more pleasure with the other man during sex. Have their girlfriends there at the same time. Run footage of women discussing their preferences for girth in a room with women and with pencil dick men like me, and then talk to them about it, and have them talk to each other about it. How do women feel acknowledging these preferences in front of us?

This shit puts the positive spin front and center, but it never acknowledges the reality you're spinning: an inherent flaw in the physical center of your sexuality. No one ever discusses the problem in specific terms like this. The dirty-work beneath a positive outlook is always glossed over.

I want to know how women feel about these harsh realities - they'd walk away from feel-good pieces like this having no idea why we're so obsessed this. In fact they'd smile sheepishly amongst themselves and say "well, I'm glad she accepts him for who he is (because I never would)." And then they'd forget they ever saw it. It's impossible for me to not appreciate it more than I dislike it, but it tries to characterize the labyrinth of SPS as a single hurdle and I can't help despising it for that.


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He's made a follow up documentary called My Penis & Everyone Elses which is pretty good too. It's on YouTube I think. But I know what you're saying and you're right. It was 2 full years of struggling condensed into an hour, so I suppose it was bound to look like a magic wand moment with 0 context to the journey. But maybe you should write out a script for a documentary like you explained and see if you or someone can make it, it's not exactly a cornered market for obvious reasons. I like this guy tho, he's got real balls. And he took the stigma and shame out of the process pretty successfully. But alas, it's still a judgemental world we live in for the most part, just thought some people might enjoy watching it. ☮

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27 minutes ago, Lodz said:

Great documentary! Man, this guy is inspiring! Damn near brought me to tears twice.

He's a good guy. I think he's married now with a couple of kids, really glad things panned out for him. He did what very few men will ever do, small cock or otherwise and bared it all. I've got a lot of respect for him. Wish he'd keep relevant with it and make more follow up docs but I think he's moved away from it now. I thought he could have hosted a show following other guys on the same journey, I think that would have been an interesting watch.

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