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As an almost daily blogger on a site where most people don't blog as much, I find my blog ends up on the intro page (which picks a random blog entry) more often than I think it should.

Not that I mind people reading; that's why I post it in the first place. I just think it isn't fair to people who poured their hearts out, but only once.

Mark, can the software be changed to first pick a random blogg_er_, then pick a random entry from the chosen person? That would even things up a little. I might even be tempted to peek at the code myself, if that would help. Though I'd have to read up on PHP.

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The way that the software is set up, we have the option to either feature a random blog entry, or we can specify a specific blogid to feature (manually). So, out of the box, there isn't any way to do what you are suggesting. There may be some customization modules over at the vbulletin website, however, - I'll have to do some research on that.

We can do a few things to highlight the existance of the member blogs. For one thing, we can integrate the link to the Member Blogs homepage into the mental help net navigation links.

Rather than linking to the Blogs homepage, which defaults to http://community.mentalhelp.net/blog.php, we can link to the blogs list that shows a list of all the different people who are blogging:



I've adjusted the Blogs link template so that it takes you to the Blog List rather than to the Blogs Homepage. Let me know what you think of this.


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