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My life's s***


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Ok.. here goes. When I was 9, we started moving around the world, spend 18months in Eng, then 8 months in Italy, 2.5 years in Qatar, nd then to Eng again for 2 years before moving home about 4 months ago. Now my dad is a project manager, nd is on business trips alot, my mom stays at home and looks after me and my 2 sisters. Latly, when my dad is home, he gets really angry at me, nd its been so bad and he has been rude and my friends noticed this, as on my 17th birthday, about 4 weeks ago, he didnt even talk to me, nt even congraulated me... Thats fine, but my mom is a different story... I live in a Estate, like a security complex, with my best friends... So i go in and out of the house, nd go and relax with them. Yesterday me and my friend wanted to prank my sisters by taking the food outa the house... my mom went nuts at me.. she started shouting at me... pinching me (im bleedin in my neck, arm, nd leg) and then she went on to hit me. I got annoyed and locked my door, after 15mins, she came and knocked on the door untill i opened it, then threatend me so i left it open, she then took dog shit and threw it on my bed. After cleaning it, i went to my friends house, and once i left she kept calling me non stop till i came bk home, where she just kept shouting at me... Then when i came home, i told her i was at a friends house, and she didnt believe me and thought i was at this girls house. Now this girl had lots of rumours spread about her, that was lies giving her a bad reputation, and now my mom thinks that im hanging around with the wrong people, and now she doenst trust me, and keeps coming into my room and shouting and hitting me... When she hits me it doesnt hurt, it just rele pisses me of, and im scared im going to do something bad soon...

I feel she is ruining my life completly...

What can i do?

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Greetings aTrolley, and welcome! Wow, your parents are really out of control (big time)!! My guess is that it has less to do with you and more to do with whatever is going on in their lives. You are the outlet for all that frustration. Is that a possibility?

I'd advise you to keep a low profile if you can and start thinking about what you want to do with your life and where you will be going. Will you be continuing on with school? Do you have a job you are interested in?

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I've tried keeping a low profile, like staing out of the house as much as possible... and when i get home, i get in so much trouble for being out, tho im not more than 500m away... and ill finish skl, then uni and then get a job... but i got 2 years left in skl, and if life keeps going like it is now, i duno what im gonna do...

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School is going fine... tho i find in some subjects, its hard to keep concentrating and my mind drifts to other problems... but this weekend, my parents are going away alone, while im going to Midmar for the weekend to take part in the swim there, and hopefully things go better after

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