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A bit of a stupid question and my OCD has caused me to research way too much but how do other people measure. If I lie down and measure I measure at less than 5 none bone pressed, I've been measuring in standing with my dick erect pushed parallel to the ground I don't know if this is cheating or the correct way to do it I'm slightly more than 5. My flaccid size looks like a bloody 12 year old which has caused me to avoid ever being seen publicly, ie sports showers and I hate the prospect of medical procedures having worked in the medical field. Plus is flaccid size in studies measured bone pressed also ie the study that came up with 5.2 as the bone pressed average. Sorry loads of questions, happy xmas to everyone on the board, take care it's difficult especially being single with a small dick at xmas when its forced down your throat how happy everyone is. Take care everyone.

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The "scientific" way o measuring is standing and measuring stretched bone pressed flaccid length. This means you take a hard ruler and press it against your pubic bone above the penis. Then take your flaccid penis and stretch it by applying about 40lbs of pressure (pull from the glans not the shaft). Whatever it measures is your BPSL.

If you measure erect then bone pressed is basically the same process only without stretching. You should make sure that it is parallel with the ground and straight (no bends or curves). This is considered BPEL.

These are the two most common measurements. Girth is typically either measured mid-shaft or at the thickest point (excluding the head) while fully erect. Flaccid is tricky because it can change a lot so I just measure non bone pressed because this is what I look like flaccid.

There is no doubt that I obsess over measuring.

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