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Talk and act like a child?

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I'm a 19 years old (female) and I often feel like I act like I'm 3 years old. I whine, can end up in tears very easily and sometimes throw temper tantrums. I talk like a 3 year old - mostly around my boyfriend (sometimes in 3rd person as well). I feel very dependant when i'm like this. Also, if i'm not experiencing negative emotions when this 3 year old part of me "comes out" I crave a lot of affection.

Other times, I have the exact opposite experience where I do not want to be touched at all, or talked to, and I get aggitated VERY easily.

Along with these symptoms, I have also had trouble with my memory lately. For instance, my boyfriend might tell me something like "We need to go to the pet store today for fish, gravel, and plants." and a few minutes later I will ask him "What are we doing today?" or "What were we going to get at the pet store?" and I will forget not once but SEVERAL times and we will have to go through it over and over again.

I forget conversations, I forget why i'm going into another room, I forget what I was thinking about 20 seconds ago... just really stupid things that I should have trouble remembering.

I just don't understand.

Does anyone have the same problems? Input?



I also have trouble getting to bed at a decent hour (or falling asleep in general) and it seems to be even more difficult to get out of bed in the morning. I will wake up and just fall back asleep again and again and again if I have nowhere to be.

I have deveoped mild anxiety, and depression runs in my family. (Which I probably also have some form of)

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wildsideofprawns, you have got a great name. Is there a story behind that?:(

It sounds like you are suffering from some type of anxiety. We do not diagnose on this site, but can you relate to that --you mention you have a bit of anxiety? Something's got you quite preoccupied on the inside so that it is affecting your memory, your sleep, and your general level of feeling comfortable with the world. Have you considered seeing a therapist?

You are welcome here! I hope you get a chance to look around the site.

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