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What size fat pad do you guys have and what is an average fatpad size?

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I've seen a lot of people here mention being obese and mention having a 4 inch dick, I've always been obese and growing up always just thought I was small like some of you guys but then I figured out weight messes with your size a lot and I have 2 inches of my dick hidden, so I go from below average to above average if I drop the weight

So my questions are what size fatpads do you guys have and what is the average fatpad size? Seen some people say things like 1 inch or 0.75 but whenever I see a pic of some normal looking guy nude I struggle to see any fat there at all and it looks like you can see all of their dick just fine so im not sure what to think because of average bone pressed size was 5.5 and most guys have at least .5 pubic fat on average you can see why I find it hard to believe most guys are walking around with 5 inchers

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1 hour ago, Lodz said:

I have a 1.25" fat pad and i'm not even overweight. I have a hint of a belly, but i just weigh 150. guess i just store more fat there than most guys. Which is a shame because it makes my already tiny dick look even smaller.

Ever considered liposuction? I'll probably get that one day if I don't lose the amount of fat I want

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