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Should I use the size I get when I push my fat down as opposed to my bone pressed?

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Like I push my fat back and my flacid is 3.6-3.8 (hard to measure I've got arthritis so pushing back almost 2 inches of fat while trying to measure is hard) but I can tell there's still some fat under there but if I go full bone pressed with a ruler my bone pressed flacid is like 4.3 or something (measured pushed back with measuring tape, bone pressed with ruler while penis was straight so my bone pressed flacid will likely be longer I just can't get an accurate measurement), so my thought is do you think the size I can push the fat down to show will be the size I can realistically expect to be when I drop all my excess weight since there will no doubt be fat left as that's normal?


On a side note, a 3.6 inch flacid on a 6'3 260lb man looks absolutely tiny, that's why I have such a hard time trusting measurements but then again I guess my fat hips and big gut and fat thighs don't help the illusion, especially disproportionate since my flacid girth is like 4.4 when I was just measuring so it looks dumb

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To be clear, BP is as much as BP you can be. The propose of BP is diascard the fatpad as much as possible (100% is not possible anyway).

I've read your measurements and you are above average in both flaccid and erect, so you don't have a small penis by any means.

You are "losing" almost two inches... I'm not in shape at all and I lose around one. You shouldn't expect to gain two inches but one is more than realistic if you loose weight.

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