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I'm gonna try something new


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I'm gonna do blank reading for someone on the forums. It's not gonna be Tom/Res etc. So I'll only do the reading without any prior knowledge of who it's for. I'm still trying to strengthen my connection as interpretation is key, but I'm gonna give it a shot. So, I'll do the reading later and post what I hear on this thread. If this isn't for you or not something you believe in, then just ignore the post.  

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Ok, this is what I got. 

Early 40's
Blonde hair
Died of an old persons disease (couldn't figure out what, but would be considered something pensioners die of)

I'm ok, I'm waiting for you, we'll cross over together. Feels guilty for leaving you behind alone. (Not alone, but alone as you were living together possibly?)
I'm always around, but you struggle to remember things. (Forgetting her voice etc and getting upset)
Died within a year. From finding out, to passing over was within one year. 

Selling door to door. Always trying pyramid schemes without realising (laughs) worked in a diner/restaurant for years. Shows me it being robbed, they talked about it for months.


Liked to run, sometimes walking, but mostly running. Soaps, anything reality, but I never missed my soaps. Chick flicks, Titanic. 80's chick flicks, Tom Cruise, Richard Geer, Patrick Swayze etc. Music depended on her mood. Always had mixed tapes or best of. Tina Turner, Whitney. But liked music chart radio. Didn't read except magazines. If there was a book in house it wasn't mine. (laughs). What was passing like? Hard, until I passed. Then you remember and it's ok. Her mother was waiting for her.

Suburban mum. A few boyfriends, but kids came first. At first I thought only child, but I think that was a stronger connection for whoever it was for. I see 5 kids, 2 to one guy, 3 to another. Single at the end, kids around her, not everyone coping, some worse than others. Regrets she couldn't see the grandkids that weren't born yet. 

I'm happy, and I'll wait for you. 


Ok, that was the session. Again I'm trying this stuff out and having some good results. I think we all have this connection, it's just allowing yourself to receive it clearly enough. 

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