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Is bone pressed all that really matters when measuring?


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My bone pressed is 6.2-6.5 inches but my non bone pressed is only 4.8 inches and my flaccid around 2.5NBP and 4.2 Bone pressed

I am told countless times my dick is a normal size solely from my bone pressed but it's so easy to convince myself otherwise as obviously I'm unable to see like 1.7 inches of my dick, so in your eyes is bone pressed the only thing that really matters when you talk about how big your dick is? because when I talk about my dick being 6 inches I always have to specify bone pressed (or when I push my fat pad down) so people dont think im delusional lmao otherwise I'd feel like I'm cheating, or maybe im just overestimating how big everyone elses dick is and how much pubic fat everyone else has

I'm rambling again I apologize if this post makes no sense

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I guess it doesn't matter at the end of the day. Because if it dominates your day to the point of obsession, it's a problem. You'll hear every answer from "It's average, go by bp" to "It's small, go by non bp" but neither of them matter. How you feel is what's important, and what you feel to be true is your starting point. 

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