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What was the cause of my deformity in life . ( Undeveloped genetalia)


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Living in hell all because I tore off my flesh responsible for growth that was attached to my genetalia at age 12. I never got to grow out my genetalia .when trying to walk home from school I could feel my body shifting internally an externally my clothes felt uncomfortable I couldn't move around much at school because I'd sweat too much . I remember I could run really fast but I got sluggish this was not supposed to happen me ! I tried to kick the soccer ball really hard but my strength was cut off completely from me at my pelvis no energy could be transferred to my foot .  Something had went really wrong. I don't want to be in this world no more !!!  Why was I allowed to see porn at age 12 . My mind infected with the imagery of sex . Why did my neighbor 18 year old son had to sexually imprint on me at age 8 i grow trying to force myself to have sex with my neighbors daughter at age 10 and female cousin at age 11 but couldn't after the imprint too place . all i wanted  to learn  was how to play stupid marble because I didn't know how to spin the glass ball  ? Some say why don't you kill  yourself ! Everybody would be happy if you died ! If I  hit them I'd be wrong to do so 😢

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Never listen to them you are a person you are never better off dead your life is good as any one else's . No way you should of been made to have sex with anyone at that age as you said you should of been playing marbles and game like that. I could not understand what you were saying in the early part of your feelings could please elaberate on that please so i can try and understand and help you. I have gone through some think similar to you.







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