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my flaccid penis makes me too self conscious


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A problem here; I have always had a small flaccid member. I think on average it must be something like just under 3 inches but when really soft and hanging then it seems to look more like a normal length and width but those moments seem few and far between also my balls seems to spend more of their time sort of tight against my scrotum rather than properly hanging but I get its a matter of temperatre etc with most men which determines how flaccid they are at any given time. Erect I fall within average range so I am not really concerned there.

Is there any sort of exercizes or something or even surgical procedures that could make my flaccid member half an inch or an inch longer or so? I mostly just want it to look a little less smaller when flaccid although if that of course means i'll get a bonus extra near-inch or half-inch when hard then I certainly won't complain lol. As it is now I have ALWAYS hated how small its looked un-erect and has always made me avoid potential casual nudity situations throughout my life i.e highschool showers/swimming and for my entire teen years and early 20s I remained a virgin being because I hated how it looked flaccid and was terrified I be laughed at. Is there really nothing I can do here?

(I am 36 by the way also so I am no spring chicken)

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I've read some guys have a tendon cut that eliminates that, but then the erection hangs too!  I wouldn't want that!

Seems to me that a lot of guys always seem to have a lot of blood in their penis making it more impressive flaccid.  Yet, they seem to have no tendency for an erection.

Mine completely drains of blood, esp after exercise, so it is just like a flap of skin and often pulls completely in. . .  you should probably just count your blessings.  3" flaccid is probably about average though guys at the gym are probably above average like most athletes.

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