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Perspective on Micro-Penis


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I'm new here but saw a related topic, so here's my 2 cents.  This is sent with all sincerity, but only gents so afflicted will comprehend my thoughts.


I don't know if I have a Micro-penis, or I am only 'small'. Less than 2” flaccid and under 4” erect. Doesn't matter as I've been like this for over 80 years. If this helps just ONE person, then it's worth my time to write. No, this is not some bull-poop story. To start, I was around before WW-2 started, no TV and definitely no internet. A week ago I found (on this internet) a document that I wish I had available when I hit puberty.

While Mr. Jefferson may have been correct ( in his context ) about endowment “... all men are created equal...”, he obviously had never been in a communal gym. Yeah, us guys are equal, but some guys are more equal that others. Disregarding Porn, size DOESN'T matter. At least not in a physical (operational) sense. But size (or rather lack of) can sure make a guy neurotic. I say 'doesn't matter' as my little guy pumped out multiple babys and as their mom even requested my 'little guy' from time to time he must have performed in fine fashion.

But getting to that stage sure caused some anxiety on my part. I was still a virgin at age 25. Had done a lot 'touchy-feely' (we called it petting back then) but never had the courage for 'show me yours and I'll show you mine'. I'm sure that I missed out on a lot of 'dicky-dunkin' as some of these young ladies might well have been willing to garage my 'little-guy'. As I said – NEUROTIC. I forgot that I have fingers and a tongue also. My dad did tell me that 'there's a lid for every pot'. The only thing I did right was that I never gave up.

At 25, I met a young lady – later my wife – who also had a hangup. As things progressed, we also shared our thoughts. While I was hung up on the 'little guy', she had concerns about her breasts. Yup, we were both concerned about size. At least we were at the 'show and tell' stage, although no penetration yet. Besides thinking that all guys wanted a girl with watermelon breasts, she was also apprehensive when she confided that she was not a virgin. I re-assured her about the breasts that 'anything more than a mouthful is a waste'.

We solved the virginity issue by picking a first time (mine) when she had her period. My 'little guy' was then a red man, and we agreed that the issue would never again be an issue.

So what if you'll never be a porn star! That's all an act, anyway. Get real, get a girl, get laid! If size matters to her – she's a throw-away. There are plenty of other fish in the sea, or as dad said,'there's a trolley around every corner'. Worrying about size is counter-productive. Do you fixate on dying? Of course not, it's a foregone conclusion that if you are concieved you are going to die, so why worry. Throw away that ruler, do you think the measurement will change? However, the right lady will make him grow. Happy Hunting !!! but Be Safe.

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