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I'm back!!!


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I've been inactive for a few weeks, but I'm back. I made a few changes to my profile. There's this other great site for depression called depressiontribe.com it's awesome. I was on it, but now I'm off it remined me to much of myspace and facebook. Social networks are my own down fall trying to stay away from them. My depression is still the same, but I'm trying. How's everyone else?

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Welcome back, Andrea. I recall you were in the process of moving in real-life? I imagine that must be a stressful process. As always, please feel free to share your thoughts here with us. It is good to hear from you.

As for myself, I am satisfied with how things are. Allan recently wrote an article about the importance of fun. When I read the article, I thought I was good on fun because I worked out. But, I found myself out of luck when I reached the end and learned that working out doesn't count. I suppose I will have to find something to amuse myself with but I find that outside of a curriculum with credits, I would not normally paint or dance. Now that I think about it, I did dance this one time.... Ah ha, I lied! I am covered!

I once played video games, but my professor once argued that video games do not really provide players with joy. Instead, they demand effort, thought, and creativity in many cases. This struck me because, as a player, I was motivated to meet the demands of the game and win. But, the drive to do so seemed so curious. The games I played demanded team play, cooperation, coordination, planning, and timing. All this collective energy focused upon the objectives for victory seemed so wild and out of no where. It's funny because I think all of the players celebrated every inch of progress towards victory in some small way.

Fun sure is funny.

Sorry if I am running through my own rabbit hole here.

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Guest ASchwartz

Hi Andrea and Kaudio,

Welcome back Andrea, good to have you here again. How are you doing?

Kaudio, glad you enjoyed the article on fun. Working out can be fun. The point I made is that it's not fun if you are using it to lose weight, that is all. The idea of fun is to do something just for fun and nothing else. Trying to lose weight is not fun because most people take it very seriously.

To tell you the truth, I think I wrote the article because I also have trouble with fun. You know, how to have it, what to do, is it a "waste of time," stuff like that. Am I the only one with this problem. By the way, fun is not to amuse ourselves but just to have fun.

As a kid I sure remember having fun.

What about you?

Allan :) Me having fun.

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Yes, I share your questions about fun. As a kid, I too played the gun games you describe. But, at the time, I preferred to observe how my classmates interacted and to look up at the sky. When I watched other kids, I thought I could learn something from watching them. What exactly I was looking for was beyond me (I still have no idea), but I dutifully watched for fear that I would miss an important, enlightening detail. I also spent many recesses in the library reading a series of books about animals.

Maybe I have fun when I read and learn. Say, the possibility of stumbling upon a simple idea that breaks the world open drives me to do silly things like watching other kids play and watch ants climb trees. The desire for an edge on everything, so to speak.

Perhaps having fun simply means possessing and exercising the desire to win? Plain ambition for nothing in particular?

I don't have any small kids in my life, but I'm not sure I've really grown up anyway :)

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I'm actually doing pretty good. I'm looking into a sorority and I'm trying to participate more in campus activities. It's better than being alone. I still struggle daily, but it helps me to at least try I'm proud of myself!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you all for your replies and yes I did move and it's an ok place still a little lonely but me and my therapist are trying to come up with ways for me to cope. Also I just found out with help from my therapist that I express love only eternally and not emotionally!!!! I expect that from people and if they don't show it to me I feel like they don't love or like me!!!!:)

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