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changing therapists?

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I have had the same therapist for a couple of years now... During the Christmas season the office was closed nearly a month. Now that it is opened again, I have found myself not interested in talking anymore to the same counselor, and don't have anything to say... I went though a rough patch before the holidays and it took a few months to bounce back. Ever sense then i find talking to "steve" is not helpful anymore. I am missing appointments, and not making the extra effort to get up in the am to see him once a week. I am unsure as to why I am feeling this way ? Just not in the mood to deal with anything or have anything new to talk about.

I stay at home a lot because i feel safer, and I know I have a low tolerance for stress. I even thought about changing counselors, however, I do not know if that would solve anything.

Is there such a thing as Burnout in therapy? That is what I am thinking has happened. There is just nothing more to discuss, and nothing is better either. I am stuck and do not know what to do .:eek:

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I think that the possibility of burnout is a real one, but in this situation, the first thing I wonder is if you aren't feeling angry at being "abandoned" during that month that the office was closed. Perhaps this detachment that you feel is a sort of passive way of expressing anger at not having had access to this person you have depended upon during the "rough patch". ????

I'm not saying this is the case. Just wondering out loud if it could be.

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You have brought up a good point, however there are more "problems " too. It was that, AND The car accident I was in. Steve drove right past us and did not stop , he then tried to tell me he was not sure if it was us, however did notice the skid marks in the road? Then anther session a couple of weeks later he proceeded in talking about various car accidents he has witnessed personaly? After knowing I had not left my house in a few weeks! How was that suppose to help me? It did not! AND before this all happened I had severely SI'D so was not going to the sessions anyhow. After all these things , the counseling is not the same and it is not helping anymore. There is anther thing too.

The state of California is in a major budget crises and many health care services might be cut.. His job may be affected and if this happens then It is goodbye Steve somewhere in June 09 .Nobody knows yet. Perhaps it is my way of protecting myself from the possible loss ? And being a bit miffed about some of these other things that have gone wrong too?

I do not know what to do anymore? Or what to say. It has reached a stale mate .Even though I liked going and talking about stuff, I am not motivated anymore, and have convinced myself that there is nothing to talk about .

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So it is sounding like there are a lot of threads. It's always a possibility to simply throw in the towel, but since you've been able to identify what the threads are, I think it could be useful to discuss them with this therapist, and bring some of this emotion - the anger, and the fear of loss and whatever else you are feeling in this relationship space - out into the open between you. It could be very productive. It could deepen the work and help you to have practical experience handling a difficult relationship situation that will come up in your real life if it hasn't already. If it doesn't work out, the worst thing that happens is that you feel badly or embarrassed for a few days and then you can still quit this guy.

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