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Trying to accept my size


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Hello. I sympathize with many of you here. It is hard dealing with this kind of disability.  You can't really be yourself completely or feel totally confident, I know.


I am average length but below average girth. I can say that it has definitely played with my mind. I used to think I was okay, and that there wasn't anything wrong with it, until I started becoming more sexually active. I realized from my experiences with women, that they had better, and their standards are kind of high now in this society because of the porn/online dating. I know that it must have been the lacking of thickness that has caused me not to reach the sexual performance I was always hoping. I could tell that they didn't want to compliment me on my size or stick around to have sex with me again, because I was pretty much a cocky guy with a not so cocky-cock. I came to this conclusion one night after realizing I never really could please a woman and I felt stupid. I felt ashamed. I felt worthless. I didn't want to accept to it either. I still don't. 

There's a lot of pain when you are a sexual being, you like sex and you want sex, but there's this little thing holding you back -- making you insecure. I can't get the monkey off my back. It seems like each time I try to feel good about myself, it always ends up in disappointment. I cry about it sometimes, I will admit. 

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I'm not sure what average length is tbh. There's societies average, statistical average and God knows how many others. But it's shit for anyone with SPS, whether it be length, girth or otherwise. Anything penis size related that dominates your thoughts and stops you living can be a nightmare to deal with. Hope you're doing ok. 

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I’ve embraced my small penis.  I’m at 4 3/4 inches erect. I’ve been married twice.  And, have had another long sexual relationship.  I know that I am the smallest man that any of the three women have had.  Yet, sex was always fun because we varied positions, I relaxed, and we didn’t pretend I was anything but on the small side.


 I realize I can still be fun in bed and I’m rarely bothered being nude in front of other men.  I am a good man.  That matters most.

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