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Male & Female Suicide Rates by Country


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I noticed that suicide rates of males and females seem to be inversely related across several countries based on this data: 


I played with it in Excel and used the rate rankings pseudo-normalized by number of countries in each region to plot the difference in rank between male and female suicide rates across all 184 countries. A positive value indicates a low male ranking and comparatively high female ranking, while negative indicates the opposite. In some countries they are roughly equal. Using the broad regional categories, this would seem to correlate with the cultural dominance of "patriarchal" and "matriarchal" social structures of the countries comprising these regions.  

Also interestingly, Russia, that stoic beacon of global conservatism and family values in 2019, ranks highest in male suicide rate globally. In general, the countries with the highest male suicide rates are loosely centered in Eastern Europe, and the inverse relationship between male versus female rates is significant in these countries. 


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