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Just had a physical


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This had to be the worst possible scenario for an SPS guy, but i got through it OK i suppose. The physical was conducted by a male doctor and a female (attractive, yes) nurse practitioner in the room.  She had the honor of doing the hernia test. I was too afraid to look at my crotch during the exam, but it felt like i was close to full shrinkage... And that's really the only time i feel the SPS pain. Honestly, it's the dude I feel more embarrassed about. But having both there was especially tough.  I probably didn't seem too nervous, but i was thinking "noooo!".  I'm happily married and I'm not going to have sex with anyone else, but I hope I at least looked like I've got a dick.

This leads me into recommending the documantary called IntersexIon about people with undermined sexual organs.  Its quite common and fascinating.  Humanity is just not simple.

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My proctologist had a female student looking observing his practice during my last anal exam for hemorrhoids.

The Dr. did ask me if I minded.  I was too proud to say I did.  She was very young and attractive for a medical school student, I thought.

Of course she got a glance of my tiny retracted flaccid penis.  Then, I was treated to her discussion and probing of my butt.  Apparently she needed practice with whatever it was they insert with fiber optics.

Fortunately, I'm old and no longer have strong emotional reactions.

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