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Good Morning, 

I am a 30 yr old male who weighs in at 350. I recently got married to my boo and we just celebrate our one yr anniversary two months ago. We had sex before we got married and sex now. I have always been shy about my penis size and girth. When I'm fully ready, I am about 5 1/2 long and about 3 3/4 girth. I always felt being an African American I should have a particular size and girth but I don't. I blamed my parents and God for having my penis size. These days I'm happy about ”D” and days I’m fucking psst.
How can I be fully confident about my partner in crime??

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I can tell you about my own experiences. I’m married and have been divorced once.  And, I am less than 5 inches long erect.  My current and ex both have experienced regular and routine orgasms with me.  Both are good people who see sex as more than just about as much friction as possible for a big penis.

To be clear, both really love big penises too.  They just know there is so much more to sex than just that.

I hope that being African America with your size hasn’t been too difficult.  I’m sure expectations have been difficult.

Just remember to enjoy your partner.  Use all of you to please her.  And, don’t forget you deserve to have fun in bed too. 

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