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My ex girlfriend wants to be with me again


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so I was in a relationship with my girlfriend for 4 years. We had our fights, but the biggest
 problem was that she cheated on me 3 Times.First one  after a year of relationship, in the 
sense that she met a colleague of hers for a week, I tend to remember that they did not have 
sex. I managed to forgive her, but I couldn't trust her so much anymore. for another year, 
she went to Egypt for a month, liked a boy there, kept talking to him for a month and flirting
 with messages and web chat, without me knowing, I was separated and I stayed alone 6 months, 
and she was with someone for a week and had slept with that man from the 2nd date. we get back
 again, we had a good time, but one week when we had exams, we had fights every day. 3 days I 
did not see her after the continuous quarrels, then after a month I find out that in that
 period she was seen with another boy, again did not have sex with him. this completely 
destroyed me and I decided to break up with her and now after 2 months of separation we met 
yesterday and she wants to be together. I want to mention that, during the period when I was 
separated I had a few dates with a girl, and she dated 3 guys, when we were together and with 
another 3 when we were separated. I want to ask you: what kind of person is she? why does she 
want to go to so many dates with other guys? I know she really loves me and I don't understand
 what her problem is. What to do ?
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