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small penis + chronic burning eczema

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Few years ago i did complain here about having small 4.5" now i feel like i lost my penis with balanitis !

so for people who don't accept the fact they have small penis, and they must live with it . you have to thank god everyday for being safe . because now i wish my small penis get cured and back to normal and for the first time i feel like size doesn't matter . i was imagining if i have long penis but got this disease ... you can't even have erection without pain

its the infammation of the penis head and foreskin ,im still in the very first stage so not serious but it can get worse ,and in some cases can lead to penile cancer therefore to penectomy in worst case scenario

so i think it's rather have a normal safe small penis than small or long penis that hurts and has this disease. if mine get cured for the first time ill be happy with it's size !!!


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A year passed , and i went to two doctors they did nothing to me, and i wont be travelling the world from doctor to doctor and wasting money because it wont be cured because i think it is most likely a chronic contact eczema .it burns with each contact. if it was a simple rash or a simple skin disease it would go away by it self. i tried too much ointments in vain. so from now i  already know i wont be married , it is a bit hard to get convinced but you get up or go down whatever you do even if you kiss your own eye you can't escape from the destiny so nothing will change. unless by miracle IN THE UPCOMING YEARS scientists will find an effective and final treatement for all kinds of eczema. the chances are very very minimal.

whatever it happens you must always say thank god for everything that's what i learned in my life.

i wish my small penis was just safe without any disease. you know and feel the value of the things only when you lose them.

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