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I’m confused. Need some BRO’S to help me out with this. I thought penis insecurity was caused entirely by the existence of women and feminists?  (And also by f*ggots, but since they don’t have a vagina, we won’t think too hard about that…risks raising too many uncomfortable questions.)

Yet Tucker and Co. have been telling me that there is also a testosterone crisis caused by women and feminists and we need to react to this. (We also won’t think too hard about the fact that our forefathers allowed this to happen, since women are clearly too inferior to have accomplished it on their own.)

But I thought testosterone was the one thing that makes dicks grow. So is Tucker admitting that penises have gotten smaller? What exactly is the nature of this masculinity crisis? Is it the age old question of which is greater — big balls or a big cock? Because if women are the root of all evil, why are these half naked male models wrestling with each other and milking cows? I thought a man was the most pathetic of SIMPs if he fought another man over a woman, and evolutionary intelligence gave us the milking machine. 

So if this beefcake isn’t fighting over a woman or property or money and just doing it for fun — because as we all know, men sing kumbaya and hold each other’s hands when evil women aren’t around — is it just all about….aesthetics??

Surely no. I was called a moron and imbecile and brain dead years ago for even suggesting that. Don’t you see, Klingsor you tiny-wristed, shrimp-dicked cocksucker, it’s all about testosterone. That’s why we ALWAYS maintain the strictest silence about penis size. Because we’ve been talking about testosterone and androgen disruptors and plastic for nearly 10 years now. We know *wink, wink* but it might alienate a huge part of our common support if we just came out and started talking openly about penises. Only women and fags do that.

That’s why we support war rape and the raping of women. Because we also say that women secretly desire MORE THAN ANYTHING to be raped by massive, hung alpha meat, not needle-dicked pretty boys. So by abusing and raping women with our huge cocks we are actually giving them what they desire most. Won’t the rabid misogynists just LOVE that. Heh. Bruh? BRAAAHHH.


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That’s why I’m a raging misogynist. I want to see women humiliated and brutalized by a huge penis. Hung boys send me your snap so I can watch you hit that G-spot with violence. It’s not like cuckold porn at all! The woman is climaxing against her will, you see. The HUNG CHAD is having his way with her. He’s enslaving her with his massive meat like she enslaves me with her steamy TikToks and it’s just fair she knows how it feels to yearn for that oh so sweet alpha abuser.


”A CUCK by any other name, eh Stainsey?”

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