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i feel like im from another planet

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i feel like an alien, i cant connect with anybody. my small penis has destroyed my life so many bad things have happened that i blame on it and how its made me feel, ive been sectioned twice through bad mental health and having pshycosis . im the so called average size which is just bs everyone has big dicks im not blind. what am i surposed to do in life its rected every aspect of my life. i dont have any friends from school and some of them i dont want. most my friends i had all have familys now and are settled and happy . now im gonna be going back to work with starting off at home then itll move to offices maybe which brings up my social anxiety cos im worried a woman will be interested in me not knowing fully. like last time that happened i just walked out of work i didnt feel right atall! like mentally something was going on it was to much. what am i to do ?

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As you get older you will realise your penis is not the be all and end all they all come in different sizes and we have to learn to live with what we have and love what we have .  I was once like you but people must love you for who your are and not the size of your penis. There are Girls out there that like small penises just look in the right places like online you will find some one there . I hope this helps as it can be hell for you .

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