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Question for the KINGS and BROscientists Out There.


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The shitlibs and demoncrats are pushing gender reassignment aka “child mutilation”. It’s good vs. evil! But I am wondering what the position of the Good Guys is when it comes to men with vestigial small penises attempting to find a role and meaning in their personal life. When they are mocked for having a “clit” instead of a penis. 

What is your solution to this since sex reassignment is evil and satanic? I know getting a straight (no pun intended) answer to this question from the BROTHERHOOD is like pulling teeth with a pair of scissors, but I’m genuinely curious. (Saint Joe Rogan - to his credit - did try to tackle this issue half assedly and came to the unpopular but obvious conclusion: “small penis men, it’s a shitty hand, but you just gotta deal with it.”)

Oh but I forgot. When you take power all women will be killed or put in cages, and the only ones worried about this issue will be faggots, who can then be killed as well. Utopia at last! When a man can take a piss holding his “clitty” between thumb and forefinger right next to Billy Bigdick and his flopping meat, free of all anxiety and shame! When we can worship at the alter of testosterone and experience the bliss of MEN, working out shirtless together, bodies glistening with sweat and rippling muscles. Oh what joy!

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