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“The Happy Wanderer”


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Sopranos is one of my favorite series, but I often skipped over or tuned out the Melfi scenes. Incredible that I’ve only just now seen this for the first time. Describes better than anything I’ve written how I’ve always felt @0:48

“It’s everything and everybody…I see some guy walking down the street…you know the type, he’s always whistling, like the happy fucking wanderer…and I just wanna walk up to him and rip his throat open, I want to grab him and pummel him right there for no reason.”


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Curiously, the series was also peppered with dick jokes and references. I even posted a clip on here years ago where Paulie makes fun of Christopher’s penis when he sees it. Of course it was completely passed over in silence like anything else that doesn’t involve a woman or gays. 

Christopher could be viewed as the quintessential “small dick energy”. He’s usually characterized by (mostly male) fans as whiny and weak and physically unattractive. A perpetually ineffectual fuckup.

I love how everything is all about “energies” now. People don’t like you? You’re giving off a bad vibe, bro, just chill bro, stop harshinf everyone’s mellow bro, brah! Bruuh. Give me an another toke bro, it really brightens my tantric energies bro, and like, bro, Sarah is really giving me I WANNA FUCK vibes rn tbh ngl. Bro.

It’s like I woke up in the fucking Mystery Machine in 1968. 

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