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what is wrong with me??


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Hello everyone, i havent posted anything in awhile but im still going through it pretty bad with my thoughts,disturbing images and just a scared feeling of "what if" constantly sometimes i feel like im going to be this way for ever!!and i just couldnt bear it. my thoughts which are aweful wont stop! its becoming harder for me to work i am now 16 weeks pregnant and havent felt anybetter its like i know the pattern, first i was afraid i was a child molester or a petiphile than i started to think what i did something when i used to babysit for one of my neices or nephews? its like im consantly trying to think back and remember something but nothing comes and i will have a graphic image of me doing something aweful to one of them and with those thoughts bring extreme anxiety and fear like "its too late you already have done something"im so scared im not going to able to take care of my baby and will have tobe committed to a hospital. I just want tobe normal and not have these thoughts but what if i did do something? what would i do i would have to kill myself i just couldnt live with that.please if somebody has gone through something like this and come through i really need somehelp! i am on zoloft and have been for about 2 months becouse my attacks got so bad but i dont know if its helping, im going to see a therapist next saturday im so scared that i may have done something aweful and just forgot about it or blocked it our or something.i know im babbling im just really scared for my sanity.someone help help....please:confused:

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First: Stop. Breathe.

The more you focus on stopping these thoughts, the more power you give them. Thinking a thing doesn't make it real.

Re-read the replies from ASchwartz and Mark to your last post; their advice is still valid.

Go see your therapist, and tell them about your "what if" thinking. I bet they can help.

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