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Hi fallenstar,

Well I guess people are at all different stages of recovery and recovering different things. People don't respond for lots of different reasons. I know that for the last few months I am struggling to respond to certain threads mainly my own due to avoidance issues. I am trying to read posts though.

One of the things I would like to see added to the site is a 'thank you' reply which can be clicked on to acknowledge when you really want to thank someone for replying to your thread. I will put in in the feedback forum. This may reduce the 'waste of time' though you had. Then you will also know that the person has read your post and your comments are valued.

I think the nature of the community means that sometimes people will feel like they are constantly providing support rather than receiving. But in the long run I do think that things swing around. Maybe you are trying to give so much that you are burning yourself out.

Do take care and leave some energy for yourself.

Take care,


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Hi fallenstar. Great idea starting your own thread! There is such a volume of activity at this site, it is easy to get buried, and for that I am sorry.:) When you discuss your issues on another person's thread, that is OK, but there's a greater chance of getting lost if the person who started the thread has moved on and isn't even checking their mail.

You have our attention, now! How are you doing and what do you want us to know about you?:)

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