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June 4, 2009 Software Update is completed - Make notes here if anything is broken


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To say you've updated the software, I still cannot gain access to the community! If this is anything personal, then I'd rather you say! It sure doesn't look like your in any kind of hurry to fix this problem!

I can only put up with soooo much, as this has been going on for over a week now!

I shall give it another week then If it is not resolved then, I will simply just leave the site, as I am not p****** and a******* about wasting my time trying to gain access when, no one else is bothered about it?

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No one would take any action that would deliberately exclude you. However, there are a lot of computers between you and Mark's server. You're basically asking him to fix the Internet for you.

If I were you, there are several things you could try. Your son might be able to help with these. One of the best tests, if you're worried that it's something personal, would be to try to make a new account under another name. The odds are that you would still have trouble getting through. That would mean it has nothing to do with you personally, but might have something to do with your local machine(s), your internet service provider, or one of the many other computers between you and the server.

After trying a different account, have your son check any modifications or updates that he might have made to local firewall software. Check for viruses on your machine(s). Any trouble with any other sites? Especially other billboards using the same software (vBulletin?) It's conceivable that someone, perhaps your service provider, is filtering sites like ours for some reason.

Troubleshooting is a pain, and I know it's frustrating not to be able to get on, but believe me, there's no way that it's personal, and there may be very little that Mark can do about the possible problems from the server side. (My English teacher would kill me for that sentence.)

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Hi everyone this is Brad. Marc knows who i am and im amused aswell as embarrassed to say i have located and solved my dear mothers' problem with the forum.

There is a little icon found in the right corner of the section graphics (on the main board), these represent collapse and visible functions to that designated section. The icon looks like this collapse_tcat.gif.

So everyone who suffered the abuse of my mothers rant, we are very sorry... forgive us lmao

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