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Where to start?

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I'll try to keep it short.(Just for you Malign.) Need a little advise on where to start my recovery process,again!

Just coming out of a severe bipolar episode, i've been gone at least 5 months!

I didn't think i was going to make it back this time!

That's why i need advise!

Therapy! I know i need to get back into some type of it but i'm not sure even what type i need ? If i need more than 1 this time?

I've had cbt, twice. The last refresher i had was 3 yrs ago, i know i need to try to update that. Not easy on the NHS but i will try, does anybody have any thoughts about other therapys ?

Hello to everybody,Tracey:)

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Guest ASchwartz

Hi Tracyf,

Welcome back. Yes, I have some thoughts about the "type of therapy."

I really think the "type" of therapy is less important than the skills and abilities of the therapist and whether the two of you relate or not. In the end, it is really the relationship that matters the most. I advocate a warm and open type of therapist, who is not afraid to deal with feelings that come up in the sessions and that is true even if it is cognitive behavioral therapy. There is no reason why CBT means that the therapist is not a human being.

What do you think and what caused your relapse and what caused it to be so very bad this time?

Allan :(

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There is still so much coming back to me, but i will try to keep to bullet points!

Hi finding my way,

Goals for therapy? Cbt seems to be the most impotant one for me again, to start with! My illness is for life so i need to refresh my coping skills and Cbt gave me my life back 6 years ago.

I have 3 wonderfull children and a great husband, they were waiting for me to come back. I need to make sure that i can stay try to stay on track, for them and me!


There is alot of factors in rapid cycling bipolar disorder but there were 2 main for me,which have changed recently. I have just changed Pdoc after 9 years, my family have tried to get me to change for about 8 years but that scares me! I tried so hard but i don't think he knew how to treat my illness, i guess i got so ill this time that i felt i had nothing to lose!

Does that make any sense to you?

Medication, Only one, would you believe me if i told you i had been on this medication for about 3 1/2 years!!!!!! With different medications, in different amounts and on and off. I had to come off of 2 of meds 1 year ago because of blood problems, this was added back in around 6 months, add in severe stress,family problems shake them up and Tracey was gone !!

Move on 6 months, 2 meds off and 1 added in, change Pdoc and a little stress sorted and i'm starting to come back.(Bullet points!!)

No where near the answer but a start. What do you think, Allan?

Thanks for the welcome back, Tracey.:)

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