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Anxiety in Iraq


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Hello everyone. Okay I am a soldier in Iraq and I have been having some anxiety attacks and I believe I know the cause of them. I'm just not quite sure how to counter them. My reasons are not what some of you may think they are since I am in Iraq. I haven't killed anyone and I haven't even had any bullets come anywhere near me. I have had no combat contact. My issues are stemming from "involuntary celibacy." It has been several years since I have gone any more than 2 months without some sort of sexual interactions with another person. So being here 8 months has been very rough in that aspect. (Although I am extremely lucky that this is the worst thing I have to deal with over here.)

I have had several anxiety attacks and some of which were extreme. My most recent was the day I joined this sight, because I realized I need some help with this. I couldn't shake the sick feeling in my stomach, I was in a constant cold sweat, my adrenaline wouldn't stop pumping, and I couldn't sit still and would "jerk" in a kind of shaky way because my body was going crazy.

I know this is an odd situation, but not quite unique. If there is anyone who has had this problem before and has received counsel for it, please give me some advice. Also, if there are any counselors browsing through this forum that reads my post, please help me out. I don't know what to do to ease this and I have 4 months left over here. I know this may be a bit too much, but it has led me to chronic masturbation.

Please, any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

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I'm sorry, I don't understand yet, lostsouldier. You're living in conditions of involuntary celibacy, and that makes you anxious, somehow. What is it you're afraid of, exactly? That being celibate might damage you somehow? That you might not be able to restrain yourself around women? I know you probably didn't explain more because it's difficult, but I still don't understand, and I'm trying.

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Guest GingerSnap

How much of the concern is about the masturbation? Just from talking to my son in Afghanistan, I know although he doesn't say so that he is really stressed out and I am thinking that, well, sexual stimulation is a great release? I do know that sexual stimulation of any kind can be addictive. My totally uniformed and uneducated opinion is that the masturbation is a release from the anxiety that you are feeling being in Iraq unless, perhaps, you were concerned about a sexual addiction before going to Iraq and this is a replacement. You are under very abnormal life conditions there and I think most people snap out of it when they get home. I wish I had an answer, please keep posting and maybe someone else can "walk" you through this. All my best

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Guest ASchwartz

Hi Lostsoldier1,

Welcome to our community.

Just to let you know, we have mental health professionals running this community. They are myself, Allan, and our director, Mark. We also have some others who work in related fields, such a DavidO.

I am also somewhat confused about what is bothering you? Is it that you have not had sex with another person in a long time or is it that you believe you are masturbating too much? Also, are you heterosexual or homosexual, since that issue could be related to anxiety.

Some thoughts:

All of us know that things have calmed down in Iraq for American soldiers but that does not mean there is no reason to worry. Are you anxious that you could be sent to Afghanistan or that something bad could still happen there (there are suicide attacks)?

Is there any reason you remain celibate in Iraq? There are women, including heterosexual female soldiers. If gay, are you worried about revealing this to other men?

Are you getting bored being there?

Could you elaborate so we could understand and better advise??


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