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Need some sound advice.....


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Got some real anxiety going on here.. I just need some good, sound advice on what to do.

This is the problem that I face.

I live in a state that the field that I work has dried up comply and for the last year I have worked in a job that is 1) dangerous to my health physical and mentally 2) being taken advantage by bosses.

The two states over have jobs.. There is not many but there is some. The state west of us has my husband family there. They would help us till we get back on our feet and find a place to live. But I don't get alone well with them. The weather/landscape there is some thing that I don't like. The housing cost is high then the state I live in now. But I would make 3,000 more a year. The sales tax is 2% higher in this state compare to the state I'm in now.

The state that is east of us has no family, but I love the weather and etc. My husband flies to this state for health care for his condition. I also know the city a little bit better. There is the about the same amount of job either way. The sale tax is almost the same there as the one west of us. But living in this state, I would make 3,000 less a year. But the thing is that there is no income tax. So I guess it will all balance out in the long run. Housing cost is 24% low in this state compare to both the other two states.

So where should we move to.

Any advice would be great...

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