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What to do? A friend's mother is using suicide threats to control him


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My best friend in the world, whom I love very much and want to see happy, wants to leave his mother's home and go make a life of his own. See, his mom is an alcoholic, casual drug-using mother with depression and a heart condition. He's 21, so he could leave if he wanted. Also, not only is his brother 15(making him unable to escape this), but his mother attempts suicide every time he tries to break away. What should he do?

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Hi langsa,

These things are seldom as easy as they seem. The best thing your friend can do is have him join the site and ask the questions himself as he provides us with more information. He would find here that there are many who have had similar experiences or have the wisdom, compassion and understanding to help.

I'm not so sure it would be a good idea for us to offer advice on this issue based on 2nd hand information. Why not have him join us if he would like outside ideas.

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